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Good data comes from a strong engagement strategy

Engagement is the voluntary response of your clients to your outreach,
support, and nurturing. How intentional and engaging your client
experience is directly influences your ability to capture good data and
achieve your objective.

An illustration of a phone with the text conversation: "I want something to do. But I don't know anyone in this town." "The other day you said you liked cars. Car show. Tomorrow at the fairgrounds. Go check it out!"

If you want better results then forget about setting goals.

Focus on your system instead.


Secure, relational text messaging

Through our engagement platform, Gloo, you can send assessments and a nurturing text messaging series to engage with your clients pre, during, and post care. All communication is secure and our data platform is HIPAA compliant.

A text conversation "I'm feeling good!" "Keep up the great work! We're so proud of you."

Customize the experience

The platform can support any number of participants, from one to one million, with personalized messages for your organization and clients. You can even create separate text campaigns that support the surveys and assessments. 

A man is surrounded by numbers to represent Commonly Well's ability to customize their offerings with any number of participants from one to one million

Connect with care and compassion

Sure, we’re collecting data, but we’re also engaging with
human beings. We draw on our own lived experience of
the recovery space to relate to the end user and ensure
all moments of communication are done with the
appropriate sensitivity.

Grid of dots with some connected by a line. A pen sits over the grid to represent the human touch to collecting data.

Experience firsthand how we
capture data

As an automated survey, the Recovery Capital Index® is available right this very minute, along with other helpful surveys and assessments. Try out the RCI for yourself, and experience the way your clients will report their progress back to you. Customization is always an option, so let’s chat about your organization’s needs.

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Introducing Justin Smith, PhD, new Chief Technology Officer for Commonly Well

Commonly Well Hires Seasoned AI Expert, Justin Smith, PhD

As we continue to grow Commonly Well, we aim to work with people who share our drive to combine intelligence and compassion into impactful solutions. One who does just that is Justin Smith, PhD, and his addition to the team as Chief Technology Officer signifies a significant leap to making Recovery Intelligence even smarter.

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man looking at a blue field of data

The Evolution of Recovery Intelligence™

The quest to remake the lives of those seeking recovery requires continuous learning and improved understanding of the root causes and influences of addiction.

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Unveiling Recovery Intelligence

Unveiling Recovery Intelligence

Recovery Intelligence™ is the human-centered, data-driven solution to addiction recovery. Without the right framework or process, most goals and outcomes are never fully reached. This has been especially true for addiction care providers and behavioral health organizations that lack the means to measure outcomes, let alone achieve them.

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