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Commonly Well Announces the Formation of an Advisory Panel to Responsibly Guide the Integration of AI into Recovery Management and Addiction Treatment Services

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We are thrilled to announce the distinguished Advisory Panel that will play a crucial role in our product development. They’ll be overseeing the implementation of valuable artificial intelligence (AI) into our Recovery IntelligenceTM technology for addiction care, social care, and recovery support services.

The formation of this panel underscores our commitment to our core values of safety, privacy, ethics, and trust, as we tap into the transformative powers of AI to deliver Precision Recovery Intelligence to care providers.

Our Vision: Human-First Precision Recovery Intelligence

AI’s potential to impact every aspect of society, including addiction care and recovery support, is immense and undeniable. At Commonly Well, we are committed to harnessing this potential responsibly. Our vision is to integrate the latest generative AI tools into our proprietary Recovery Intelligence® technology, transforming the way individualized treatment and recovery plans are created and implemented. And that’s just the starting point. 

Scope and Responsibilities of the Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel consists of six experts from healthcare, behavioral health, technology, cyber security, product design, bioethics, and philosophy. They will lend their expertise to guide our strategies and ensure the responsible development and application of AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.

Panel members will engage in a rigorous review process, from the initial prototyping through extended testing phases, culminating in a Beta version that meets our high standards for a production-ready release sometime early next year. 

Our Commitment to Ethical Innovation

As we advance our capabilities, including the integration of AI with the Recovery Capital Index® (RCI) and other assessment tools, we will prioritize the confidentiality and protection of our customers’ sensitive data. Our approach is one of cautious optimism, backed by a responsible and ethical framework for innovation. We’ve also chosen to work with Microsoft, OpenAI, and Snowflake to bring the best in class data architecture and protection to this project. 

Our Objective: Empowering Providers with AI-Enhanced Data Analytics

Our goal is to unveil a web-based Data App embedded with generative AI, capable of crafting personalized recovery plans that will streamline the treatment process, enhance patient engagement, and ultimately improve care outcomes. We believe this recovery planning tool will reduce the time it takes providers to create these complicated plans, opening the opportunity for more shared development of the plans and ultimately, more time for provider and patient to meaningfully connect in the care process. 

Development and Release Lifecycle

In collaboration with our external partners – Data Culture for data engineering and Astrato for GenAI integration – we are on a trajectory towards a customer-ready product by February 1, 2024. The development lifecycle will include comprehensive testing and review at each stage by both internal staff and the Advisory Panel.

Meet Our Panel of Advisors 

Ruth Krystopolski: President, Ayin Health Solutions

Contribution to the Panel: With a rich history in healthcare leadership, Ruth Krystopolski brings to our panel extensive experience in health plan administration and policy development. Her expertise ensures that the recovery process is viewed through a comprehensive healthcare lens, supporting holistic approaches to technology utilization, data, and quality of care.

Janelle Wesloh: Consultant and former Vice President of Clinical Excellence, Innovation, and Recovery Management at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Contribution to the Panel: Janelle Wesloh’s long-term commitment to addiction treatment and service improvement strategies greatly benefits our panel. Her focus on clinical excellence and innovation provides valuable insights into evidence-based practices that can enhance the development of recovery capital through AI generated recovery and treatment plans. 

Danielle Tarino: Founder and COO, Code-X

Contribution to the Panel: Danielle Tarino’s long-time experience leading and advising strategy through federal government agencies and national recovery non-profits will provide a valuable perspective on community engagement in the recovery process. Danielle’s most recent work as a bioethicist and data security leader will give crucial guidance on the risks and liabilities we face in developing this technology, but protections will be implemented to ensure sensitive information and diverse populations are accounted for.

Bobby George, Ph.D.: Design and Product Leader, Microsoft

Contribution to the Panel: Bobby George is a serial entrepreneur, developing and designing products and strategies for unique and effective education. He provides the panel with a profound understanding of the intricacies of effective treatment environments. His educational background in philosophy informs his design practices. He’ll apply this framework and experience to what we’re building, ensuring the AI tools are human-led.

Russ Carpenter, Ph.D.: Lecturer, UC Davis

Contribution to the Panel: Russ Carpenter is a Lecturer in the University Writing Program and a member of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) committee at UC Davis. He taught for 7 years at Stanford University. Through his Ph.D. in neuroscience, he specializes in teaching science communication, with a particular emphasis on writing, presenting, and the genre of scientific research posters. His emphasis on communication and training enriches the panel’s capacity to foster recovery capital through education and empowerment.

Dave Jansa: Program Advisor and Board Member, Face It TOGETHER

Contribution to the Panel: Dave Jansa’s lived experience and subsequent work as a recovery coach give him a profound understanding of the individual journey through recovery. His practical insights benefit the panel in tailoring approaches that align with the varied needs of those seeking to build and maintain recovery capital.

This group of esteemed professionals combines decades of experience across healthcare management, clinical innovation, recovery advocacy, and personal experience with addiction and recovery. Together, they offer a balanced and deeply informed perspective that is bound to propel our understanding of recovery capital and measurement practices to new heights.

Our Values

At the heart of Commonly Well are our values: Dignity Through Trust, Openness as Our Default, Curiosity in All Endeavors, and a Commitment to Doing it Right. These values will remain the cornerstone of our approach as we embark on this ambitious journey with our Advisory Panel.

Join Us on This Groundbreaking Journey

We invite you to stay tuned as we progress towards a future where AI empowers recovery and transforms lives with the utmost care and precision.

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