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Build an unforgettable
client experience

As a recovery intelligence company, we’re committed to seeing our customers’ clients wellbeing and quality of life improve over time. To make that happen, we develop every detail of our model and methodology to provide the best experience possible.

A venn diagram showing the relationship between intelligence and compassion

Intention means every decision,
from the most obviously
significant to the seemingly mundane, matters.

Will Guidara

Hands-on pays off

Having our leadership team so involved in the process allows us to flex to our partners’ needs and remain incredibly responsive throughout your entire journey of becoming recovery intelligent.

A hand with a thumbs up represents how hands-on Commonly Well is with their work

Implementing intelligence

We offer true partnership where we work together to design a caring and engaging experience for your organization. With detailed training and status calls, we set you up with a solid foundation for success.

A triangle with an arrow going upwards represents recovery intelligence being implemented into an organization

Improve client outcomes

We work hard to create environments for people that support cycles of success and a growth mindset. Recovery intelligence inspires leaders like you to evaluate what levers in the care experience can and should improve to see that success come to fruition.

A black and white headshot of a woman surrounded by continuous circles to represent how Commonly Well can help create cycles of success for clients

Experience firsthand how we
capture data

As an automated survey, the Recovery Capital Index® is available right this very minute, along with other helpful surveys and assessments. Try out the RCI for yourself, and experience the way your clients will report their progress back to you. Customization is always an option, so let’s chat about your organization’s needs.

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