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Data Design

It’s all about good data

Good data enables you to reliably develop analytics which demonstrate the level of effectiveness in your programs and services. Without good data, your outcomes reporting lacks credibility.

Geometric lines and dots in a spherical shape that looks like an eye used to represent data design

At its core, intelligence can be viewed as a process that
converts unstructured information into useful and
actionable knowledge.


Our valid and reliable survey
and assessment tools

To collect quality data, we use the The Recovery Capital
Index® (RCI), which provides a comprehensive picture of a
person’s whole wellbeing using an online, automated survey.
The evidence-based RCI meets a set of standards expected
by clinicians and other care providers.

We worked with Sanford Research to validate the RCI.
Findings were peer-reviewed and published in May 2018. 

Other standard assessments are also available to distribute
easily via our platform, including Patient Health Questionnaire
(PHQ), General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Brief Addiction
Monitor (BAM), Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT), Professional
Quality of Life Scale, Alcohol Moderation Assessment, and
Cantril Self-Anchoring Scale.

A man's head surrounded by a sphere of dots represents the comprehensive picture of a person's whole wellbeing that the Recovery Capital Index captures.

What we measure drives
what we can change

Addiction recovery is not a binary state of sober or not sober — let’s not measure it that way. Instead, the RCI measures all of the internal and external determinants that can affect recovery, from personal circumstances to social wellbeing and cultural values. The data captured from this comprehensive survey provides an unparalleled view of intervention effectiveness.

Abstract circular graph to represent the measurement of both internal and external determinants that can affect recovery

Pre, during, and post treatment

The recovery journey doesn’t begin and end in a clinical
setting, so the data shouldn’t either. The RCI is designed
to capture data and monitor progress throughout a
client’s pathway, from intake to discharge and beyond.

An increasing line graph follows the peak of a mountain

Lead with confidence

Good data gives you confidence to make the right decisions and changes for improving client outcomes and proving ROI. That’s why data design is the first step in our Recovery Intelligence Model. Everything depends on how, when, and where you capture data.

An abstract bar graph representing data design

Experience firsthand how we
capture data

As an automated survey, the Recovery Capital Index® is available right this very minute, along with other helpful surveys and assessments. Try out the RCI for yourself, and experience the way your clients will report their progress back to you. Customization is always an option, so let’s chat about your organization’s needs.

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