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Illuminate the truth
about addiction through
recovery intelligence.

We arm service providers, policy-makers, and investors with patient-driven intelligence solutions to remake lives.

Join These Recovery Intelligent Organizations

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Palm Beach County Community Services
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New York State Unified Court System
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Young People in Recovery
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Jaywalker Lodge
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Birmingham Recovery Center
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Hanley Foundation

The future of addiction recovery is here, and it's human-centered and data-driven.

Learn About the Recovery Intelligence Model

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Define & Capture

Recovery Intelligence Model

Data Design

The first step in our intelligent model sets you up to capture good data. It starts with defining the outcomes you want and designing precision solutions to advance your mission.

Experience how we capture data
Geometric lines and dots in a spherical shape that looks like an eye used to represent data design
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Communicate & Monitor

Recovery Intelligence Model


Using compassionate text messaging and surveys, we enable you to track client progress across and beyond the entire recovery care continuum.

An illustration of a phone with the text conversation: "I want something to do. But I don't know anyone in this town." "The other day you said you liked cars. Car show. Tomorrow at the fairgrounds. Go check it out!"
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Evaluate & Act

Recovery Intelligence Model


We transform captured data into useful and actionable information by identifying patterns and data visualizations. This is key to gaining powerful insights and informing more effective solutions.

A grid of dots with some of the dots connected by lines to represent making sense of unstructured data
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Implement & Improve

Recovery Intelligence Model


Our unique expertise lies at the intersection of intelligence and compassion. We use both to build unforgettable client experiences and improve outcomes.

The left half of a Venn Diagram labeled with the word Intelligence
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Trade intangible data for
real insights

Our process makes sense of unstructured data. Since numbers can’t speak for themselves, we use observation and interpretation to uncover powerful insights that enable action.

A man's head surrounded by ones and zeroes with one line of the numbers organized within a green bar, representing making sense of unstructured data

With recovery intelligence, you can help reverse cycles of failure and create cycles of success.


Commonly Well Announces the Formation of an Advisory Panel to Responsibly Guide the Integration of AI into Recovery Management and Addiction Treatment Services

We are thrilled to announce the distinguished Advisory Panel that will play a crucial role in our product development. They’ll be overseeing the implementation of valuable artificial intelligence (AI) into our Recovery IntelligenceTM technology for addiction care, social care, and recovery support services.

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By David


image of hand pointing up with the text generative AI needs the human touch

Generative AI Won’t Take Your Job, But It Will Change It

By streamlining administrative tasks, Generative Artificial Intelligence will save time and resources, allowing care providers to focus on what truly matters – human connection.

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By David


woman exploring data; artificial intelligence

Recovery Intelligence Made Smarter With AI

We’re advancing Recovery Intelligence™ with generative Artificial Intelligence. With the announcement of our new Chief Technology Officer, Justin Smith, and his extensive background in machine learning and AI, it should be no surprise that we are amplifying Commonly Well’s methods with the power of Artificial Intelligence.  We’re in the thick of designing a modern iteration of our analytics dashboard and data interactions that will help customers make a bigger impact on their clients’ care.

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By David


Meet the founders


Founder and CEO, David Whitesock's headshot on a blue and green gradient background

David Whitesock

Founder + CEO
David has led innovative and entrepreneurial programs in addiction, recovery, and technology since 2004. While designing new approaches to peer coaching, he developed the Recovery Capital Index®.


Co-founder and Head of Growth, Patrick McGowan's headshot with a blue and green gradient background

Patrick McGowan

Co-Founder + CRO
Patrick is an expert in innovative, practice change initiatives in integrated health systems. Since 2010, his work has included integrating behavioral health into primary care, population health, and service line design.


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