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Numbers can’t speak for themselves

Unstructured data makes it nearly impossible to interpret what’s really going on. So, we convert intangible data into information using models that can show powerful patterns and trends. With visualized information, you’ll have meaningful, actionable takeaways.

A grid of dots with some of the dots connected by lines to represent making sense of unstructured data

The numbers have no way of speaking for themselves.

We speak for them. We imbue them with meaning.


Diverse data with a unified view

We bring order to the chaos of data. As we interpret that collected data, we bring new narratives and insights to light. With your personalized dashboard, you’ll be able to uncover the clarity and context you need to tell a better story.

Arrows arranged in a circle pointing towards a target

From collection to action

Making decisions and improvements in your treatment programs will now come from a place that is both human-centered and data-led. Every decision will be backed by comprehensive, quality data.

A man stands in front of a blue and green gradiant with an abstract bar graph overlayed on top of his image

Simple, yet meaningful program evaluation

Proving program success and ROI doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We help you configure a clear data and outcomes strategy that will provide powerful reports to your stakeholders.

A bar chart with some pieces highlighted to represent the powerful reports that Commonly Well can provide you for your stakeholders

Experience firsthand how we
capture data

As an automated survey, the Recovery Capital Index® is available right this very minute, along with other helpful surveys and assessments. Try out the RCI for yourself, and experience the way your clients will report their progress back to you. Customization is always an option, so let’s chat about your organization’s needs.

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