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The Evolution of Recovery Intelligence™

Posted byWritten by David

Commonly Well, the experts behind the Recovery Capital Index®, have expanded their services to help behavioral health organizations become Recovery Intelligent.

The quest to remake the lives of those seeking recovery requires continuous learning and improved understanding of the root causes and influences of addiction.

The Recovery Capital Index® (RCI) was developed to enable that kind of learning and understanding. As the team behind that scientifically validated survey, we’ve always championed an approach to recovery care that is both person-centered and data-driven. 

By implementing the RCI, providers have been able to engage with and monitor their clients no matter where they are in the continuum of care. The data collected from the survey offers a clearer picture of a client’s well-being and a more informed framework for making decisions about how to move forward with their care.

Beyond a Survey

At its core, the RCI is about digging deeper and unveiling a wealth of understanding for providers. But as we worked with our customers, we saw an opportunity to go even deeper and make a bigger impact on recovery.

The RCI is now part of a more comprehensive method – the Recovery Intelligence Model.

Since the RCI measures individuals as unique beings with their own set of strengths and challenges, the Recovery Intelligence Model does the same for our customers. Starting with data design, we define desired outcomes and set up the right tools in order to capture the data that will help achieve those outcomes.

To increase participation and ensure that all that helpful data keeps coming in, we develop engagement strategies that are grounded in compassion for the human beings behind each data point. 

Then we turn our attention to the captured data itself. What was once a collection of numbers becomes actionable information and powerful data visualization models. We find patterns and narratives that can be used to inform care delivery, prove program success, and optimize business decisions.

By expanding our perspective beyond the survey, we can reach true insights and understanding – Recovery Intelligence. Organizations that become Recovery Intelligent have a newfound method for reversing cycles of failure and creating cycles of success for their clients.

Continued Evolution

Success in this space requires continuous learning. So we’ll allow the intelligence to guide us to new heights of understanding and uncover new ways of supporting our customers.

In the very near future, you’ll see the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into our process, which will provide useful and usable recovery plans based on actual patient data with the click of a button.

Follow along to see sneak peaks of our expanded analytics features as we work to further empower our customers and impact positive outcomes.

Commonly Well uses a text messaging platform to design custom automated and
personalized engagement strategies for data capture, performance monitoring, and
outcomes measurement.

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