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Commonly Well Hires Seasoned AI Expert, Justin Smith, PhD

Posted byWritten by David

As Commonly Well’s Chief Technology Officer, Justin will spearhead the implementation of generative Artificial Intelligence into the Recovery Intelligence Model.

As we continue to grow Commonly Well, we aim to work with people who share our drive to combine intelligence and compassion into impactful solutions. One who does just that is Justin Smith, PhD, and his addition to the team as Chief Technology Officer signifies a significant leap to making Recovery Intelligence even smarter.

Get to Know Justin

Justin has an impressive background spanning pre-med, psychology, neuroscience, stress and decision-making, data science, and machine learning. With his higher learning studies, he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Montana State University Bozeman, a Master of Science in Psychology from Växjö University in Sweden, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of South Dakota. 

One of the many things that set Justin apart for this role is his decade of healthcare experience. Having worked at both Sanford Health as Enterprise Director of Data Analytics and St. Luke’s Health System as Senior Director of Advanced Analytics, he has a deep knowledge of large healthcare systems. These roles gave him an inside perspective of healthcare and a profound machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) acumen.

Justin’s approach to the CTO role is strengthened by his valuable insights and perspective into the human mind. He uses neuroscience in particular to unlock the immense potential of AI, saying, “When you understand how brains work, it helps you understand exactly what parts of tech will be useful and able to make an impact.”

Growing up in Alaska, Justin was surrounded by the extremes of nature. That environment instilled a passion for all things health and wellness and a deep appreciation for their significant effect on well-being.

“It’s the bedrock of human existence. I’m dedicated to guiding others on their journey towards personal health and wellness, knowing that this endeavor enhances the fabric of our society.”

That passion, along with his academic background in research psychology and neuroscience, makes him the perfect fit for Commonly Well’s method of harnessing the power of data and insights to improve the well-being of people in recovery.

Bringing AI to Behavioral Health

As Justin joins the Commonly Well team, we look ahead to the exciting future of our Recovery Intelligence Model, strengthened through Artificial Intelligence. His expertise in this space will undoubtedly help us make an even bigger impact on behavioral health.  

“I want to see the use of data and evidence-based strategies become the norm in this space, not an anomaly,” said Justin on the potential impact of AI.

Using AI Responsibly

While many AI tools are easily accessible and turn-key, we hired Justin because we’re committed to deploying our application with the utmost diligence and care. We are, and will always be, extremely cautious and methodical about how we’re using AI, ensuring that the data is safe and secure. 

“Trust is the cornerstone of my work, as it is for Commonly Well,” said Justin. “I believe in fostering and nurturing trust in all my professional interactions, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the insights and solutions I provide.”

The Parallel Between AI and Recovery Intelligence

Recovery Intelligence represents a human-centered, data-driven solution to recovery. AI, when used from the most humanistic perspective possible, provides a powerful story grounded in data. The possibilities of what the two together can bring to the table makes Justin beyond excited to be part of the Commonly Well team.

“My fundamental philosophy centers around the principle of ‘leaving a positive mark wherever I go.’ I am deeply committed to understanding the profound influence that data can wield in shaping informed decisions and unraveling insights that challenge prevailing norms, propelling humanity forward.”

Stay tuned to hear about our exciting work with generative Recovery Intelligence, and in the meantime, please help us in welcoming Justin.

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