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RCI Added to Joint Commission Behavioral Healthcare Instrument List

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The Recovery Capital Index® has been approved by the Joint Commission and added to their Behavioral Healthcare Instrument list. 

The Joint Commission is a leading accreditation body for healthcare and behavioral healthcare facilities and practices. By including the RCI on their instrument list, these providers and organizations can trust the use of the RCI as a validated instrument for measuring and tracking outcomes. 

Development of the Recovery Capital Index began in 2012. After five years of research, development, testing, feedback, and refining the instrument, the RCI was then subjected to statistical analysis to determine fidelity, reliability, and validity of the measure. 

We know that each person’s experience and description of recovery is very individual and subjective. The RCI was designed to capture and quantify change based on an individual’s described state of recovery. In other words, we followed best practices in terms self-report measures of affect and subjective wellbeing. 

“This listing is important because it begins to add a dimension of outcomes to the compliance structure set up and monitored by the Joint Commission,” says David Whitesock, architect of the RCI and founder of Commonly Well.

“Privacy, safety, and clinical outcomes have long been key to accreditation,” Whitesock continues, “but soon organizations and practices will need to add recovery outcomes as long-term quality and value-based care takes hold in behavioral healthcare and healthcare in general.”

Recovery capital is a comprehensive framework that encompasses internal and external resources needed to begin and sustain recovery. By having quantified results for 22 indicators, 9 components, and 3 domains, providers and individuals (or patients) can monitor all aspects of life, inform care plans, and establish longitudinal outcomes. 

The RCI is a 68-item survey with statistically valid 36- and 10-item versions for maximum flexibility. 

View the Joint Commission Behavioral Healthcare Instrument List.

For more information on the validation process, read the peer-reviewed publication

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