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Participate in a Design Charrette

Posted byWritten by David

Over the years, many individuals have provided knowledge and insight that led to new solutions or ideas in my former work at Face It TOGETHER. Some of this knowledge was acquired directly and indirectly. But as I transition into new opportunities and the launching of Commonly Well, I’d like to return the favor in a very direct way.

Let me host a design charrette for you or your team.

What is a charrette?

  1. a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions;

  2. an intense period of design or planning activity;

  3. any collaborative session in which a group of designers or stakeholders drafts a solution to a problem.

In other words, it’s using a short period of time to work a problem for a solution.

We could work on a very complex problem or I could simply be an audience to test a pitch or proposal. Design charrettes are actually rooted in architecture. Specifically, École des Beaux-Arts students in Paris in the 1800s, scrambling to finalize their drawings as a cart — a charrette — was taking them away.

The architecture world held on to and morphed this practice over the years. Recently, some in design thinking have developed defined processes for conducting charrette’s as a one-time event with small groups, or a series of events with large groups and numerous types of stakeholders.

The core principles and constraints remain: limited time to engage a problem and develop a solution.

What are you working on? Are you stuck with a product or business idea? Are you trying to flesh out a strategy? Do you have a presentation or pitch coming up and could you use an audience?

I fully understand that what you might be working is sensitive. You have my commitment to confidentiality. But, if we need to sign an NDA, I’m happy to do it. This time is yours.

I’m hosting design charrettes for the remainder of the year for free.

Schedule an hour with me and let’s dive in.

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