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Most read posts of 2020

Posted byWritten by David

One outcome of 2020 was more writing output, an exercise I like but finally got prioritized

Last year I started writing more. In 2021, I plan to write even more.

Looking at the posts read most often, a primary thread connects these more popular posts: the mechanics and story of change. People seem to gravitate to process stories. The reason might be that learning or gaining insight is easier when you get a glimpse of the narrative or reality of the process.

So, I plan to do more of that and get better at telling those stories.

Here are 7 most read essays in 2020.

My Ecosystem of Good

Like many, I experienced a significant professional change last year. This post captures the transition and describes how my ecosystem of good made the transition possible.

Time for collective contemplation

2020 revealed a lot of hard truths for American society and culture. We’re broken in a lot of ways. The Social Progress Index has been quantifying this for years. But we’re individualists and typically don’t think about the collective or common good. That has to change.

The interconnectedness of respect for beliefs and wellbeing

Individual beliefs have power when there is mutual respect collectively. Beliefs must be counter-balanced by a values judgement. If the beliefs are bad, then they don’t belong. But what if our beliefs are good, but the collective is bad. How does that impact our choices and actions?

Counter isolation with a COVID Pod

COVID pulled us apart. We’re social beings and we don’t like that. But, science gives us a way to safely stay connected to a very close group.

Leveraging the Value of Structure

In the hustle and bustle world of pre-COVID, we under-valued a structured life. In fact, our society tends to negatively judge a routine and regimented lifestyle. We all could use a little more structure in our lives.

On Habits—Walking

My strongest habit is walking. Having a dog reinforces that habit. Walking is good for the heart and our soul. We all need to walk more.

Celebrate Good Decisions

Sometimes — well, most of the time — we take our good decisions for granted. We do this because subconsciously we feel the decision and the outcome were expected. Great, but what did you learn from that good decision and can it be reapplied elsewhere? Pausing to understand and celebrate good decisions helps us learn and it boosts our wellbeing.

Thank you for giving your time to explore my thoughts. I am grateful. More to come.

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