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Meet Commonly Well: The Leader of Recovery Intelligence

Posted byWritten by David

As the first Recovery Intelligence™ firm, Commonly Well is propelling the addiction recovery field into the future, with advanced approaches to data and delivery of care.

While some of you may already know us as the developers of the Recovery Capital Index ® (RCI), we’ve broadened our services as Commonly Well. Now, we can bring that survey tool and other innovative solutions to a wider market. 

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. 

We are Commonly Well, a Recovery Intelligence firm. We arm change-making service providers, investors, and policy-makers with the client visibility, insight, and predictive capabilities they need to remake lives.

We believe the solution to more effective change in addiction recovery is both human-centered and data-driven. Now, we have a new look and website that exudes those same qualities.

“Society and technology are at an inflection point. The emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence feels like the 80s, just before the internet,” says David Whitesock, CEO and Co-founder of Commonly Well.

“We wanted our branding to evoke a sense of excitement for a new era, while giving us a canvas to introduce the Recovery Intelligence Model. The field must embrace these new technologies, but doing it safely and ethically requires preparation and new processes.” 

Recovery Intelligence is a model and a methodology for achieving better outcomes.

To illuminate the truth about addiction, we developed a model that empowers behavioral health organizations to become Recovery Intelligent. We support our partners with data design, engagement, analytics, and advising, all in the pursuit of reversing cycles of failure and creating cycles of success.

“Addiction is a complicated condition with equally complex data, most of which is patient-reported,” said Whitesock. 

“Our goal is to bring forward technology that can make sense of all the assessments, clinical notes, text messages, and conversations, so nothing goes unconsidered and so patients and providers can make shared and informed decisions that lead to improved, thriving lives.”

Recovery Intelligence is about patient outcomes but it must also be about overall performance to ensure the highest quality of care. We help organizations build the systems, processes, and practices that optimize all their data for real-time learning and intelligence about what’s working in the business and delivery of care. 

“The right people need the right information at the right time,” adds Patrick McGowan, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder. “We see a future where therapists and coaches increase their agency and effectiveness in helping people suffering from addiction. Ultimately, it’s about empowering more human connection.” 

Our bold vision is a world without addiction and despair. We believe that Recovery Intelligence will drive us there, and we invite you to join us on that road.

Commonly Well uses a text messaging platform to design custom automated and
personalized engagement strategies for data capture, performance monitoring, and
outcomes measurement.

Got questions or want to learn more about our Recovery Intelligence Model?

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