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Elements for good text prompts to improve survey response rates

Posted byWritten by David

Creating a relatable and engaging message prompts are key for client participation in assessments and surveys over time. But it all starts with a great opt-in sequence and welcome messages.

Like it or not, self-report surveys and assessments are the best and sometimes only way to get ongoing and post-care progress and outcomes data. But to get good and more data long after your client has been discharged starts at the beginning. There are two important moments as you enroll the client into an automated survey experience.

Moment 1: The Opt-In Prompt.

Whether it’s a text messaging keyword or an email call to action, the prompt should be:

  • Short. Keep to one word or two at most. Something easy to type or remember. When setting up keywords for automated SMS series’, include misspellings and combine any two words into one.

  • Descriptive of the program. Your keywords and calls to action can be literal.

    • Example: NightIOP or CBT. This is clear and gets the job done.

  • Motivating. A motivating keyword or prompt can be a reinforcement of mental or emotional states you are trying to evoke or grow.

    • Example: STRONG for a program that focuses on anxiety.

Moment 2: The Welcome Message.

Once a QR Code is scanned or keyword texted, the participant should immediately receive a welcome message. This message sets the tone for the automated series.

A good welcome message:

  • Identifies the provider or program where the message is coming from.

    • Example: We’re grateful to have you join Commonly’s evening group treatment program.

  • Reinforces the positive decisions or actions taken by your client.

    • Example: Starting therapy or a treatment program is not an easy thing to do … but YOU DID IT.

  • Sets clear expectations for what this automated series is all about.

    • What’s the length of the series? Duration of the program? Full year?

    • How many messages over what time? Will there be one message a week, two, etc.?

    • What will the messages focus on what actions the participant must take? Is this a series dedicated to delivering a battery of assessments every Wednesday afternoon? Or is it a mix of assessments and worksheets or reading materials?

  • You can use the welcome message to be a nice landing into your program, saving an action (complete the Recovery Capital Index, for example) for the next day or message. There is a lot going on during intake and if the participant is overwhelmed, the data you collect will be less robust. It’s okay to move some surveys and assessments out a couple days. The only consideration is whether you need or want the baseline results to influence the treatment or recovery planning process on the day of intake.

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