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Pobal Officially Announces a Partnership with Commonly Well to Integrate its Recover Capital Index (RCI)

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San Rafael, CA, Feb. 23, 2021 —Commonly Well has entered into a partnership with Pobal, an online addiction and recovery education platform, to integrate its Recovery Capital Index® (RCI), an industry-leading and scientifically validated recovery determinants assessment.

Pobal is reimagining addiction recovery through a digital ecosystem of on-demand courses, tools, and community. The Ascent Recovery Program offers courses designed to educate practitioners and clients on the psychological, biological, and social dimensions of substance use disorder to promote treatment, recovery, and healing.

“We are thrilled to welcome Commonly Well to Pobal’s Partner Program,” Annabel Lundy, Pobal’s Chief Learning Officer, said. “Their holistic and innovative approach to recovery education, combined with their unparalleled assessment expertise in addiction treatment services, makes them a valuable partner who will advance the understanding and benefits of on-demand education techniques to our clients who wish to augment health services as thought leaders.”

Pobal’s continual assessment engine will now include the Recovery Capital Index (RCI). The RCI’s personalized measures prioritize social, behavioral, environmental, and cultural needs at any stage in the treatment and recovery process.

Addiction and recovery are influenced by a complex set of determinants. The RCI breaks down those determinants into specific, measurable indicators that can be tracked over time. The Pobal ecosystem will map those indicators and client responses to micro-courses and other curricula.

“The Pobal recovery ecosystem is addressing a systemic barrier to addiction and recovery care — lack of supply for the 90% that don’t or cannot get treatment,” said David Whitesock, RCI architect and CEO of Commonly Well. “The Recovery Capital Index is designed to be an active and mindful process for recovery, while also being a scientifically reliable and validated wellbeing assessment. The RCI will fit well with Pobal’s suite of education, community, and accountability tools.”

The health and social challenges of 2020 were unimaginable. The economic shutdown coupled with social distancing has exacerbated behavioral health and addiction crises. Telehealth changed the traditional delivery methods of addiction care forever. Pobal enters this new remote delivery landscape with a unique offering for those afflicted by substance use disorder.

Long-term recovery from addiction is achievable through education powered by sustained connection, accountability tools, and networks. Pobal’s apps Ascent and Arc along with the Recovery Capital Index do just that and enable us to reimagine addiction recovery. The basics of recovery are now more accessible than ever through a strong community of learners and instructors.

About Pobal

Pobal is an innovative recovery ecosystem offering a suite of on-demand addiction recovery education courses, tools, and community to promote a successful and lasting remission from addiction.

About the Recovery Capital Index

The Recovery Capital Index is Commonly Well’s first scientifically validated tool developed to harness the power of individual social, environmental, and behavioral information to help people design better lives. Commonly Well believes that wellbeing should not be reserved for the few but common for all. By partnering with communities, employers, providers, and others, we are building better environments and systems without the inequities that foster disparity and generational trauma. Commonly Well is a public benefit company based in the beautiful Adirondacks of northern New York.

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