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NEWS: RCI to support coordinated digital recovery with NuLife virtual

Posted byWritten by David

Commonly Well is partnering with NuLife Virtual to enhance care provider’s ability to connect clients to high-quality care, maintain long-term continuous support, and measure change. 

NuLife Virtual is a leader in technology-assisted, addiction and mental health recovery management for enterprise providers and their clients. This collaboration will integrate the Recovery Capital Index® (RCI) from Commonly Well, an industry leading and scientifically validated social determinants and wellbeing assessment.

“Our provider partners and their clients will now benefit from coordinated services powered by the Recovery Capital Index, ensuring personalization and prioritization of social, economic, and environmental needs at any stage in the treatment continuum and recovery process.” – JD Meints, NuLife CEO

Substance use disorders are rooted in everyday aspects and stressors of life. By using the Recovery Capital Index, NuLife will elevate the social, personal, and cultural drivers of substance use to match providers, source specific community-based resources, and present relevant and engaging content and wellbeing practices.

“NuLife Virtual is making it possible for individuals and families to truly work in concert with providers through technology,” says David Whitesock, Architect of the RCI and CEO of Commonly Well. “The Recovery Capital Index provides a client-reported knowledge layer about that person’s life, that NuLife will connect to a more relevant care flow, transforming how addiction care is delivered.”

More and more, the navigation of and connection to addiction and mental health treatment is happening digitally. One reason for this is due to the lingering stigma associated with mental health issues. Web and mobile apps allow individuals to seek help without unnecessary judgement.

Another reason more individuals, families, and providers are turning digital navigation and coordination tools is to increase access and make it easier. Oftentimes the barriers to entering treatment are complex and filled with uncertainty. NuLife Virtual is removing the friction and opening doors to more relevant treatment the first time. 

The Recovery Capital Index is continuing to become the industry’s go-to assessment for standard addiction recovery measures. RCI can operate as a stand-alone assessment served by a powerful analytics platform, or be integrated into digital health platforms and electronic medical records. 

About NuLife Virtual

NuLife Virtual was founded with the mission to positively impact 1 million lives through its person-centered, tech-assisted, mobile addiction treatment and recovery platform. NuLife is based in Calabasas, California. 

About the Recovery Capital Index

The Recovery Capital Index is Commonly Well’s first scientifically validated tool developed to harness the power of individual social, environmental, and behavioral information to help people design better lives. Commonly Well believes that wellbeing should not be reserved for the few but common for all. By partnering with communities, employers, providers, and others, we are building better environments and systems without the inequities that foster disparity and generational trauma. Commonly Well is a public benefit company based in the beautiful Adirondacks of northern New York.

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