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Everything is figureoutable

Posted byWritten by David

It has been a little while since I last wrote in this space. The reason is not for a lack of things to write about. The reason is that I have been sorting out the work of Commonly Well and the direction of the Recovery Capital Index. 

Starting a business and getting it out there is tough, even for seasoned veterans. Doing so in the middle of a global pandemic is doubling challenging. 

But, we are figuring it out. 

The other day I was staring at the wall and thinking about a few issues and some decisions. And when I took a break and heard the following lightening bolt of a statement:

Nothing in life is that complicated if you roll up your sleeves, you get in there, and you do it. Everything in life is figureoutable.


Everything is figureoutable. 

Love it.  

It’s very close to a principle that already helps me operate day to day: 

“Everything in life is an equation; work the equation.”

In other words, if you work the parts long enough, they will come together for an answer. 

When “everything is figureoutable” passed through my eardrums at just the right time, I got just the kick in the pants I needed. 

Of course, there are business decisions being made and actions being taken. But what is becoming more clear is my thinking around how we can and will solve addiction. 

The problem of addiction has to be figureoutable, right?

And no, recovery isn’t the solution. The solution is a world where addiction has a difficult time existing and very few experience that hell. 

Where I’ve landed is that solving addiction requires three components: 

  1. Connection.

  2. Capital.

  3. Choice.

Each of these components can be applied to both sides of the problem – preventing the onset of addiction, and helping individuals overcome addiction.  

Consider this a tease for future writings on each of these solution components.

Commonly Well uses a text messaging platform to design custom automated and
personalized engagement strategies for data capture, performance monitoring, and
outcomes measurement.

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